Dr. Kevin Soltys

(just "Kevin" to his patients) was born and raised in Regina.  Since opening this office in Victoria Square Mall in 1986, he has built his practice from the ground up, one patient and one smile at a time.

Dr. Amit Gupta has joined The Victoria Square Dental team!

Meet Our Team

Dedicated Professionals

Kevin is supported by a team of dedicated, good-spirited dental ambassadors.  Most of them have been part of the Victoria Square Dental family for a long time.  Many of them have been here from the start.  All of them share Kevin's commitment to compassionate, gentle, team-focused family dentistry.

Dentists are required, each year, to devote time to continuing education.  Dr. Soltys routinely spends two to three times the minimum required hours on education courses-so you know you are getting the very latest in modern dentistry techniques.


Family Dentist

Usually the first voice you hear when you call and the first face you see when you arrive—our receptionists book your appointments and help you with your dental insurance needs.


Our registered health professionals primary concerns are the maintenance of your oral health and the prevention of oral diseases.


The members of our team who look after our youngest patients (those 13 and under).  In our specially designed setting and at a friendly one-step-at-a-time pace, our therapists will screen and clean children's teeth.  After Kevin has performed a thorough exam, they complete the dental treatment.


We boast an experienced crew of professionals that help Kevin with all facets of your dental care. Many have special training to provide assistance with a variety of procedures.

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