Our Services

These are some of the services we offer.  "Offer" is the operative word - we will examine, and advise.  When it comes to treatment decisions, the choice is always yours.

Preventative Dentistry

To stop problems before they start

General Dentistry

We provide all the standard dental care you'd expect, and more.

High-End Dental Technology

The latest technology to serve you more efficiently and accurately.  Our Panorex X-ray system, for instance, lets us take a complete panoramic picture of your mouth with just one low-radiation exposure.  Our chair side computer allows us to quickly and precisely integrate your records.

Sports Dental Injuries Are Nothing To Smile About

Teeth Whitening

KIDS Will Visit The Dentist If Their Parents Do

Canadian Dental Association

Dentists Can Identify People With Undiagnosed Diabetes

Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards are a preventative appliance we suggest patients wear while participating in sporting activities.


We recommend our patients have regular dental cleanings every six months to maintain healthy oral hygiene.


Velscope is a device designed to assist in detecting the early stages of oral cancer.

Read more about Velscope.

Just For Kids

We know that early experiences can shape a lifetime of habits. Our goal is to make your child's dental visit as easy as possible. We teach youngsters to develop a positive attitude toward oral health (and dental offices). They will be more inclined to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives.

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teeth whitening

Sleep Apnea Devices

Dr. Soltys can advise you and fit you for your non surgical custom sleep apnea device.
More about sleep apnea


To protect and restore damaged teeth.


To replace missing teeth and prevent further loss

Esthetic Dentistry

For beautiful smile transformations.


To close up tiny cracks and fissures

Gold Restorations

For quality, durable dental work.


Implants are the modern method of tooth replacement.

Digital Intra Oral X-rays

We use a Intra Oral Camera.  We are committed to staying at the forefront of providing the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

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